Browse our video library to get a behind the scenes looks at Exness, hear trading analysis from our experts, and more. The videos are in English but you can enable subtitles for a variety of languages using the Settings button.

Podcast - shares (stocks)

This podcast considers the role of CFDs on shares in diversification as well as their traditional opportunity, bidirectional trading. Learn more about daytrading equity CFDs here.

Podcast - energies

Chris gives an overview in this podcast of how oil can be traded responsibly and productively despite its relatively high volatility: he stresses the importance of geopolitics.

Podcast - metals

Stanislav and Michael discuss here how gold, silver, platinum and palladium move on different factors and how bigger movements than forex bring opportunities and challenges.

Podcast - indices

Although indices are traditionally used mainly for hedging, Yip Chun explains in this podcast that they are a highly versatile type of CFD that can be traded with a range of strategies.

Podcast - forex

Here’s a look at the most popular type of CFD, foreign exchange. Stanislav explains how leverage and short-term approaches create unique opportunities with relatively lower risk.

Podcast - cryptocurrencies

This podcast examines the increasing popularity of CFDs on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, looking specifically at the pros and cons of long-term trading.

Keeping your cool

Although trading necessarily involves some exposure to emotions, Stan outlines in this podcast how you can expand the role of logical thinking and develop confidence.

Making the most of the news

Stanislav and Michael discuss the importance of preparing for the most important news. Stan also explains tried-and-tested habits for reacting to unexpected events.

Time to trade

This podcast looks at the possible opportunities and challenges of trading at different times of day plus Chris’ informed opinion that the European session can offer the best of all worlds.

Researching efficiently

Off-chart research can be time-consuming and confusing. Chris and Michael examine in this podcast how to avoid these problems and look at some of their favourite news sources.

General habits for trading

Chris and Michael discuss the roles of stops and targets and taking breaks. Don’t miss Chris’ succinct outline of why he favours manually updating stops over trailing stops.

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